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! showdown ! by GreeneFlygon
! showdown !
what do u mean sm4SH isn't the best way to decide whose right
idk what im doing its 1am and im avoiding hmwk and sketching 2 much chat noir & undertale
h elp
[tPL]  S  h  i  o by GreeneFlygon
[tPL] S h i o

- Name ; S h i o 
- Nickname(s) ; -
- Age ; 2 2 m o n t h s 
- Mentor ; G r a d u a t e d
- Rank ; M e r c h a n t 
- Gender ; M a l e 

- Current Tribe ; west
- Past Clan(s) ; -

Shio, at first glance, is friendly and approachable but once you do get to know him, you’ll notice his sarcastic personality and blunt answers. Brutal with his words, he’s a trustworthy figure due to his honesty. Most definitely a listener, Shio will happily offer his support and hospitality to a cat in need. Even though he’s willing to accept others and provide help advice or comfort in times of despair; Shio himself is quite reserved with his own feelings and burdens to others. He has a paranoia of not being good enough for his friends and family. He refuses to speak of his troubles due to the fact of not wanting to ‘bother’ his tribe. The tom tends to stay composed with a smile on his face; always keeping his views and negative emotions in check, and is also careful not to bring any overly-personal matters into discussion. In addition to his self-awareness, Shio is not one to get riled up and agitated over simple matters. He tends to keep his cool in most situations and stray away from heated arguments. When confronted with a nonsensical challenge, he's quick to yield and surrender. He's apathetic and passive-aggressive; some might even call him lazy. Shio's charismatic, “soothing” nature comes in handy being a merchant; bartering requires some sort of social skill after all. Despite his easygoing demeanor, he’s quite forceful and assertive with his craftsmanship. Simply put, he uses his friendly smile to cover-up his persuasive, commanding manner. Street-smart and perceptive, Shio manages his merchant life successfully, knowing what to say so he’s able to make a decent profit. Shio is a peculiar tom, he’s a jack-of-all-trades. Although he doesn’t stand out compared to the most cats, he is
not one to be ignored.


Betrayed. Tossed aside. Just like that. Everything Shio had known came tumbling down. His own group...the ones he considered family, left him behind. Thunder clashed in the grey skies above. His chest cold. His breath tight. Was he not good enough? Was he too weak? Would they have kept him in if he was stronger? The stormy wind tugged at his fur as the tom stood in the middle of the muddy, rainwashed forest.

What was he supposed to do...?
He was lost.
He had nothing to lose and so Shio did what he always did.

He ran.

And ran.


Shio woke up to a sweet scent.
Bi-colored eyes snapped open with a start. 

Where was he? 

The tom made an attempt to stand up. His muscles burned, and nose stung, his pelt muddy and covered with dirty petals. 

"Hey, guys where are w-?" He stopped mid-sentence, gaze dropping to the empty spot next to him. There was no one with him anymore. They had left him.

His throat ran dry. A sob began crawling up his chest.

Everything hurt.

His paws wouldn't stop trembling, his vision a blur. How pathetic could he get? If only he had trained harder then maybe they would've kept him. If only he done more tha-

"Hey kid!"

A voice. Pawsteps. It came closer. Shio whipped around, claws unsheathed.

"Haha, aren't you feisty? Oh, but you're bleeding.” The stranger mused with a trill in his voice.

"H-hah?” Shio hissed in return, eyes wide and alert. Who was this cat?

The grey figure tilted his head, blue eyes piercing into Shio,"Mmm...looks like you had a bad time." They said in a matter of fact tone, tapping their chin with a thoughtful look.

Shio gave the tom a narrowed glare, concealing his growing growls. “No, I was simply prancing around in the flowers! Don't mind me!" He snapped back impatiently, voice wavering when the expression in front of him flickered once before the icey look was gone again.

He gritted his teeth. Why was this cat talking to him again? Shio wanted nothing more than to loathe himself in his own self-pity. A small smile dared to tug at the edge of his mouth. Ah, this really brought out the worse in him.

"Then continue on with your prancing, you'll get fixed up sooner or later," The other commented in a breezy manner, shrugging his shoulders and shooting a cheeky grin at Shio. “Trust me on this.”

"Alright sure, I'm perfectly fine with strangers coming out of nowhere and treating me like this. What's next, are you gonna invite me to live in some sort of 'tribe'?" The brown tom replied in a snarky tone, rolling his eyes in an ignorant manner.

Shio heard rumors within his former group about tribes living in the valley. Of course those had been a mere folktale, a myth. They didn't know for sure. Besides, there was no way they were going to take any strays in even if the land did exist. 

"Oh really?"


The grey-coated cat gave him another secretive smile,"I believe Sifus would say otherwise, he has has a soft spot for cats like you, flowerboy."

"Excuse me-"

"Before I eternally call you flowerboy, let's get some names out, shall we? I'm Nova.” He said with a grand flourish with his paw, bending over slightly.

Shio held back a snort and bowed a little, squinting at the other.

"Uh...I'm Shio..?"

"Alright Shio, follow the pink flowers and you'll find whatever you need." Nova said simply before departing.

"Um, you’re kidding, right?" Shio called out in a shrill voice, staring at the endless rows of pink plants that surrounded him.

He cursed to the sky at the Nova’s answer, clawing at the soft petals with frustration.

Figure it out yourself, Flowerboy.



The West Tribe.
Shio adjusted to tribal life in the following moon. It wasn't easy starting out with the stone later than everyone else. The whole powers thing was common, but he never thought that he one day would possess it himself. He kept to himself towards the begining, but gradually began to open up with a little encouragement from his mentor (and Nova).
He made new friends. It was his chance at a new life.
Soon enough he graduated. Shio was an official merchant of West Tribe.
His new home.


- Loud, clear voice
- Huge night owl
- loves puns !!


- Orientation /// Pan-romantic
- Status /// single 
- Significant Other /// -
- Attractions . . .

Key: - :skull: Dead
:bulletwhite: Missing
:bulletblack:Uneasy, unknown
:bulletyellow:Friend / To Be Respected
:bulletgreen:Close Friend
:bulletpink:Has taken a liking to
:bulletblack::bulletblack:Dislike / Loathe
X = No longer feels this way

{ Name } ; Relation ; Rank ; Alive or Dead 
Feelings (bullets)
Thoughts | "..."

[ Nova ] /"..."</i></i>
err0r by GreeneFlygon
im so up for a dystopian / anarchy au bc im also cliche trash
one of them is gonna die...probably..*cOUGH*r yk er
i create rylia aus instead of writing shio rip me



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UHm. I draw like drawing my ocs, fire emblem, sports anime, and Pokemon. <33


ppl im stuck with for the rest of my life:
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